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Pure Laziness

Good programmers are a little bit lazy: they sit back and wait for an insight...
  -- Jon Bentley, Programming Pearls
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New! Try PixieLab, a photo editor built specifically for Mozilla Firefox.
Should you rent or buy a home? Which loan should you choose? Try our shareware: the Home Ownership Calculator.
We think we have found a really awesome long distance carrier. Read our Short Story on Long Distance.
Do all stocks behave the same? Have they all been tumbling like the Nasdaq? Find out by playing America's fastest growing quiz sensation: Know Your Stupid Stocks.
Recursion is faster than iteration. See Yellow Pig's analysis on the Tower of Hanoi puzzle.
In memory of Leo the dog, a bichon frise killed by a SUV driver and a minivan driver.
How many Calories do you need to construct a 45-degree angle? Yellow Pig explains in Lazy Geometry. YP also recommands these books on Geometry and Origami.
For a budget CD containing great sounding music, LA Pig recommends the Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto. It is composed with the structure of Western classical music and performed with classic Chinese techniques.
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