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Pure Mass Communications (Puremass.com) is dedicated to helping you solve problems efficiently. Its mass communications equipment and software increase productivity by providing maximum automation while requiring minimal user input. However, in order to protect its intellectual properties, Puremass.com is not disclosing its patent-pending technology at this time.

Presently, Puremass.com is excited to bring you some online content. You will find on this site interesting mathematical and programming puzzles and their "low-calorie" solutions, some fun facts, editorial on current events, contemporary literature (dramatization of personal experiences), reviews of music, food, books and gears, links to fun and sometimes inexpensive toys, etc. The contents are available in different languages depending on the subject matter.

Each article on Puremass.com is supplimented with a set of most relevant links and references. Like the great Puremass software, this site is designed for efficient usage by the lazy web surfer. You will find the information you need without expanding calories unnecessarily.

If you are a couch potato with no energy, you are Pure Mass! Welcome!

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