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ZoneLD is the Best

We switched from AT&T to Qwest through Essential.com. The switch-over took a month or two. The service was otherwise painless. The rates were good: 6 cents per minute for domestic calls and about 20 cents per minute for calls to Taiwan. But Essential.com went bust; its replacement seemed imcompetent with online services. Qwest meanwhile, could no longer afford to give us low rates without charging us a monthly fee.

After some research on the web, we found ZoneLD, a consolidator and reseller. We signed up online for the no-monthly-fee plan: 4 or 4.5 cents per minute domestic, 6 cents per minute within California and 8 cents per minute to Taiwan. We later asked to have our in-California rate reduced to 3.9 cents per minute. Our experience was always pleasant and painless. We could monitor our calls in progress. The online billing worked great.

It suffices to say: we are very pleased with ZoneLD. It is by far the most reliable and least expensive long distance service we know of. We recommend it with highest regards.

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