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The PureMass.com site is maintained by our volunteers at their own time and their own expense. Please support this site with your donations. For $100, we will send you this framed photo of Upper Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona.

The dark walnut and silver colored frame is 9-15/16 inches wide by 11-15/16 inches high. Behind the glass is a black matte with white borders.

The photo is 4-7/16 inches wide by 6-5/16 inches high. It is a 288 dpi print on HP Premium Plus Photo Paper (Matte) from our HP DeskJet. It is precisely color-matched with the original Fuji Velvia slide. Your prints are sharper, more detailed and more colorful than what you see on this web page. Each print has a serial number and is autographed.

We currently cannot process payment online. Please type your email address below. We will send you the instructions for making your donation. If you donate $100 or more, you will receive this beautiful print no later than two weeks after we receive your donation. If you live outside the USA, we request that you donate at least $120 to help us cover the additional shipping charges.

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