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Status: version 3.3 in app store for US $2.99 $1.99 FREE.

Import/Export is broken. Please login to Google. Enter your new data into the spreadsheet(s). Then download Olaf Greck's Fuel Log 3. It is the same program, but with the problem fixed. After you install Fuel Log 3, simply import your data. The information here should still apply to Fuel Log 3. We thank Mr. Greck for maintaing the software and keeping it free.

Click here for information about Fuel Log's data import and export

Fuel Log is now maintained by Olaf Greck.

Fuel Log FAQ

  • Where can I find documentation for Fuel Log?

    All applications that come with the iPhone are intuitive and require no documentation. We have made Fuel Log with the same philosophy. If you need help, feel free to contact us.

  • Will there be any more updates to Fuel Log after 3.0?

    Version 3.0 allows you to synchronize Fuel Log's data with Google Spreadsheets. After 3.0, we will not be add more new features to Fuel Log. We will continue to fix bugs. We will incorporate patches from Apple and Google if they significantly improve the behavior of Fuel Log.

    When Google Docs Offline is completely rolled out, you will be able to edit and graph your fuel efficiency with or without Internet connection, free of charge. At that time, Fuel Log and its competitors will be more or less obsolete, except as a way to back up your data.


  • Does Fuel Log work with iPhone OS 2.0 2.1 2.2, etc?

    Fuel Log works with iPhone OS 2.1 and up. But we were not pleased with OS 2.2 for reasons unrelated to Fuel Log. We found OS 3.0 and up to be quite slow, although the extra features were nice.

  • Can I download Fuel Log's data to my computer?

    Please refer to the Import/Export FAQ.

  • What is the difference between US mpg and UK mpg?

    According to the Wikipedia, the jolly people of the UK purchase petrol by the litre, but refer to fuel economy by miles per gallon. So we updated Fuel Log to convert litres into imperial gallons.

  • Will you add payment type, fill-up location, type of fuel, ..., etc. to Fuel Log?

    Probably not. We have been using similar programs on the Palm Pilot for years. We have found that it is best to keep only essential information on small devices with limited capabilities. We want Fuel Log to occupy as little of your iPhone's memory as possible, and use as little battery as possible.

  • Will you change the input keyboard to a purely numerical keypad?

    We agree that the numerical keypad is easier to use. But it does not have a decimal point, which some people require. We are still debating this issue.

  • Will Fuel Log keep track of other service information, e.g. oil changes?

    Maybe. We are considering the necessity of such features. Keeping track of fuel economy on little devices makes sense because (1) you only need to enter a few numbers to capture the fuel purchase and (2) you can refuse the receipt to save paper and trees. For other kinds of services, you may need to enter lines or pages of text, and you absolutely should keep the papers. As we see it, the only useful feature is for the iPhone to remind you of those services.

  • Will Fuel Log let me enter my VIN, insurance policy number, ..., etc?

    Absolute not. We recommend that you keep as little personal information on your device as possible, in case you lose the device.