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  • [2009-06-21] The iPhone OS 3.0 appears to be less responsive on an iPhone 3G than 2.2.1. It's one way to make you pay for an upgrade to the speedy iPhone 3G S. Sigh.

    The iPhone SDK 3.0 seems good. But the new simulator is buggy: Some functions cease to work in the new simulator, whether in iPhone OS 2.1 mode or 3.0 mode. But we are happy to report that all Fuel Log features work perfectly fine on the old iPhone 3G, with either OS 2.2.1 or 3.0, and on the new iPhone 3G S.

  • [2009-01-27] The iPhone OS 2.2.1 and the corresponding SDK both appear to be harmless. They do take a long time to download: 247MB for the OS and 1.75GB for the SDK.

  • [2009-01-10] When the iPhone overheats, which happens to our unit every other week or so, it becomes an awesome hand-warmer. But it also drains the battery very quickly. To remedy this problem, simply reset it by turning it off and then on again, then charge its battery if necessary. It will stay a cool cucumber for a week or two. FYI, our iPhone has not been abused. We only use the phone, calendar, finance, e-mail and Safari daily. We use maps at most once a week, and Fuel Log once a month. We rarely use the camera. We don't play video games, listen to iTunes or watch YouTube with it.

  • [2008-12-06] In the app store, the number of stars currently does not match the average rating.

  • [2008-11-27] iPhone 2.2 API Diffs is still empty one week after releasing iPhone 2.2.

  • [2008-11-27] How do you search Apple Developer Forums Beta?

  • [2008-11-23] We tried building Fuel Log using the latest iPhone SDK with iPhone OS 2.2. The build succeeded for debug and release targets. But Fuel Log behaved incorrectly.

    Fortunately, the OS 2.1 build works very well with our OS 2.2 iPhone.

    Warning to all users, especially to developers: OS 2.2 may be buggy.

  • [2008-08-??] The date picker widget is broken when used in a modal dialog in the simulator. Regardless of what date you set in your code, the picker always starts in the year 0001 or the earliest possible date. It takes forever to scroll 2000 years! It also takes a long time to find a work around. (Yes, there is an ugly work around).

    This is only a problem with the simulator. The iPhone does not exhibit this problem. But we need to compile different versions for the simulator and the device.